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Art Journaling Workshop
with Patricia Hill

Learn mixed media tips and tricks in creating powerful Art Journal Pages that will enhance your creativity with each subject you imagine.

You will learn techniques using the pencil, pens, paints and markers that will give your work great visual impact. This Art Journaling Class is for anyone that wants to learn the basics of concept to creation illustration, composition balance, transposing your design to paper and best methods and practices. I believe everyone has an inate creative abuility that just needs a little coaxing to come out and play. I don’t believe in mistakes and this is all about exploration and being playful creating beautiful art that can be used as Journaling Story Book or transfer into fine art composition projects.  You do not need to have artistic abuilities as much of what you will learn is how to view subject matter in an artistic way, transposing methods and what makes an effective visual composition.


Buy a nice Mixed Media Journaling Book with thick pages you can use paints and markers on. I recomment a 9×12″ Ranger Book but you can use what ever you want to create a journal page such as a manilla file folder. works great and it is easily bound into a custom book.

  • Mixed Media Book or Manilla File Folder
  • Small Ruler
  • Soft and Hard Pencils (H and B) or Borrow Ours
  • Fine Point Precision Pen (05 and or 08) or Borrow Ours


  • India Inks
  • Paints
  • Pens
  • Rulers
  • Pencils
  • Carbon Paper
  • Tracing Paper


I am a fine art major with part of my background as a fashion designer in the Los Angeles Garment District and the other half as a Graphic Designer /Creative Director Branding and launching Fortune 500 Corporations for the past 30+ years.

I have worked as a first generation Graphic Designer using my creative skills to climb the ladder to become a Creative Director/Art Direct for Corporate Brands in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley. One of the most rewarding career moves was being the Creative Director of Team San Jose creating and launching the San Jose City Branding Campaign and eleven cultural facilities including: San Jose Convention Center, The Performing Arts Center, The Montgomery Theatre, The Civic, The California Theatre, North Hall and South Hall (Part of The Tech Museum). My creative visual communications has launched many products and servcies for Silicon Valley – Fortune 500 Corporations such as VM Ware, Cisco, Juniper, Intel, Apple and many others.

My early years  as a creative began at age four when I was discovered illustrating nudes in the basement of the family’s New York home. The passion for art grew and I was invited to join The Norton Simon Museum’s Gifted Young Artists in Pasadena, CA at age 13 and later won a scholarship to Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, CA majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Fashion Design from FIDM. I was scouted by fashion designer Leon Maxx of Max Studio to be a Fashion Trims Designer (Textile Designs) and worked for various design houses for six years until taking a college course in Computer Graphics. Fell in love with a MAC 750 and became a lead Graphic Designer with the Los Angeles Times and worked for various Advertising Firms before moving to San Jose in the 1990s during the high-tech boom. Opened up a Design Agency in Saratoga, CA specializing in Branding, Launch and Marketing for high-tech companies winning numerouse awards for visual design and brand launches.

Presently I am getting back to the roots of what makes me the happiest and that is creating with hands and mind. I enjoy teaching creative classes that interests me and love cultivating creativity in my own cummunity of San Jose. I opened The Makery San Jose to share the creative experience with the community and keep the skills of making with your hands alive in a technology town.

Some of my sites:

EM: patriciahilldesign@earthlink.net

EM: MakeIt@TheMakerySJ.com
G-Mail: TheMakerySJ@Gmail.com

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I am a fine art major with part of my background as a fashion designer in the LA Garment District and the other half as a Graphic Designer


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